United – Monday Night Update

United – Monday Night Update

81 hours have elapsed since United denied me a seat on the Austin-bound flight (on a confirmed ticket purchased weeks in advance).

After more than 10 calls to United Customer Service and the threat of legal action, we finally got some follow up and a return phone call – actually 4 of them – this afternoon. The callers assured both my husband and me that my bag would be delivered between 5 – 9 this evening.

It is now 8:57. Commence holding breath <******>

EDIT: 9:03 BAG ARRIVES!  OUR LONG NATIONAL NIGHTMARE IS OVER!  I feel like I won the lottery!  We’ll have to file this under “Brands that Stole a Weekend” instead of Worthy of a Weekend

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  1. Unbelievable! I can’t believe it degraded into this after what you already went through. Oh wait, nevermind, it’s United. Of course I believe. Sorry you had such a miserable time of it. I hope there’s some recourse, but unfortunately, there is probably none, knowing what happened Friday and my previous experiences with them.

  2. Have been waiting with bated breath and fingers crossed for the return of your converse and hipster duds. And while deeply upset to have missed you here in Austin, am secretly pleased to have been entertained your posts on United’s incompetence.

  3. Was the bag in good condition? Any special surprises inside? Did it look like someone had fished through it? Need more details! Photos?! 🙂 I’m sad this saga has ended… it’s like the series finale of Gilmore Girls or Alias.

  4. You know…I think we can all think of a couple of mega-corps that could have just as easily been in this scenario. I think of my own dealings with Charter (*SURPRISE*), and actually having a supervisor tell me that I didn’t sign his paychecks, so he’s not accountable to me, just his job description. I eventually found out that Charter has a special phone system that flags certain phone numbers….by the fourth call in the same day, I got sent to a neverending loop (no kidding), where I could press one for english, then press one for Home service, then one for English, then one for Home service….I called back twice, same thing. Borrowed a neighbors phone, and got right in.
    Some companies just don’t get it. They tell their employees “This is your job, this is your script, do not stray” and he who strays least gets promoted to supervisor. Of course, if they do a bad enough job, eventually they won’t need a warehouse full of temps, and their customer service will become personal again.
    Anyway, I’m sorry for your escapade V-Dub. Have your own conference. Make people come to you. I need an excuse to get back up north.

  5. Well damn it… I’ve decided to avoid AA whenever possible, United seems to no longer be an option, Frontier doesn’t go enough places, and Southwest planes now scare me. Where is the 20th Century Limited train??

  6. Virginia I hate to hear about this as I was very much looking forward to meeting you and learning more about your work on the Fiskateers movement. I’m about to purchase a ticket for a conference in Houston next month, and United won’t get that business if I can help it.

  7. If it makes you feel any better United “lost” my bag, which contained the only maternity clothes that I owned, for three weeks. The bag was red with my name embroidered on it and they couldn’t sort out that it was mine. This was after all of their computers went down and we were given handwritten boarding passes with no seat assignments and told to make a run for our seats.

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