Dear United Airlines

Dear United Airlines

Dear United Airlines,

You win. You have reduced me to hysteria on the phone with (a very nice) person in your call center after going through your call bank for the 7th time in 48 hours trying to get back my bag. I don’t like to talk on the phone but the information on the web portal is erroneous, so I had no choice. In short:

  • You denied me boarding an aircraft on which I held a confirmed ticket
  • You made ma wait in 3 different customer service lines at the airport to rectify my “new” travel plans of not being able to travel at all
  • You lost track of my bag (that went to Austin without me) for 12 hours
  • You found the bag, sent it back here, and told me to be here between 7 – 11 last night for the delivery that DID NOT COME until I was dead asleep at 1am.
  • You misinformed me in my morning call today that the bag was with the delivery service and to call them to request it (it had actually been returned to you)
  • Only now, after yet another call from me, have I been informed that it is back at Dulles and I needed to request it be delivered again.
  • I might get it in the next 4-6 hours. If you deign to allow it.

I have been told over and over again that everything above is totally allowable in your fine print. If you think everything that has happened to me is an acceptable business practice and not worth so much as an apology, I will spend the rest of my business travel days trying to avoid being subject to your whimsy as to whether or not I can go to my booked destination, deserve my bag, etc.

I hope to hear from you. If not, I wish you a brighter future than the customer experience you have offered me. Goodbye,

Virginia Miracle

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  1. united airline i am still waiting for my money you lost ten bags for me and my whole family on dec 16 now if you dont pay me back the law will give me my money back you will be hearing from me i will never give up.

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