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Sleep: Luxury and Emotion

In our crazy world, time is the new luxury. And it’s not just awake time – it’s the time we spend sleeping that sometimes gets treated as a luxury instead of the precious necessity it is. You probably know that sleep is critical to everything from your ability to focus mentally to the appearance of your skin and weight maintenance. It’s as necessary as breathing, but people are passionate about sleep. They love sleep. They desire sleep. And when they figure out how to get good sleep, they become evangelists.

I came to realize just how deep this passion runs through some work for my (DISCLAIMER) client Select Comfort that I have been “taking home” with me – getting more sleep. Select Comfort, has an online promotion encouraging people to celebrate summer by getting an extra hour of sleep each night, and in so doing being entered to win a new bed. It has been fun to watch the emotion this topic has sparked. In addition to entires, comments on the blog post announcing the promotion have included concerns about sleep interruptions from pets, snoring spouses, stress, and babies (ok, I added the baby one, because that’s a concern in our house). Read the full comments here.

I am taking the challenge myself and can definitely tell the difference in my life when I get extra rest. If you could use more shuteye or just want to see what’s going on, click on the badge to check it out.

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