G2: Buying Eyes for Good

G2: Buying Eyes for Good

G2Yesterday morning, while watching the Mike & Mike Show on ESPN, I saw an interesting event that G2 was hosting in collaboration with the Super Bowl.  It was an actual (punny)bowling event with who I assume must be football stars.  I was flipping channels and barely paying attention, but I heard one of the Mikes say that for every visitor to www.drinkG2.com, a $1 donation would be made to the United Way.

Honestly, I had no idea what G2 was, but was multitasking and it only took a second for me to hit the site so, in a Pavlovian response, I instantly typed in the address.  Not only did $1 get donated to United Way (there is $100k max, it appears), but in just a few moments, I learned that G2 is the “light” version of Gatorade with only 25 calories.  Shockingly enough, that’s a value proposition that interests me and I just might buy the product.

So, for $1 that went to a good cause anyway, Gatorade bought my awareness and I am now officially “likely” to try.  Pretty good deal.  This has been used in other campaigns and, while it is a blatant eyeball purchase, it works and doesn’t create waste.  This is a great opportunity for charities & brands to partner in a mutually beneficial way and charities should not be afraid to make the first move.  Think about the brands that your likely donors or activisits would appreciate, and approach them!

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  1. Have you seen http://www.freerice.com? It has a word puzzle, and for every correctly answered puzzle, they (a group associated with Poverty.com) donate 20 grains of rice to the UN to be distributed.

    Slightly more educational and righteous, but same type of social good overlay to get people to click and consider.

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