Southwest Airlines Honors Customers

Southwest Airlines Honors Customers

As I review some of your generous input on Brands Worthy of a Weekend, I am developing a list of characteristics to help identify a BWOW before you chose your next business partner or give your money to a new vendor. I plan to share all of them over the next few weeks, but today’s shining example is Southwest Airlines.

It’s not because they are the first US airline to begin testing onboard broadband internet (although, seriously, kudos). It’s the fact that Southwest Airlines honors their customers. Southwest doesn’t need to state what customers deserve from flying SWA because they actively demonstrate this honor and respect through every touchpoint.

NutsThe company’s “Nuts About Southwest” blog is a group blog in the largest sense of the word. It features posts not just from employees all over the company – boasting titles from “Sr. Manager of Proactive Customer Service Communication” to “structural mechanic”, but from customers as well. In particular the blog has been featuring the adventures of a customer through his Persian gulf deployments and has continued to “adopt” the other servicemen onboard the USS Nimitz. Yesterday’s post from the USS Nimitz’ Marco Meloni isn’t the stuff of slick PR, but it demonstrates a genuine respect for the people who keep Southwest in business – their customers.

Updated 9:30am:  Southwest also listens.  They sent a kind comment of thanks within 2 hours of this initial post. 

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  1. HiVirginia
    Thank you so much for the kind word of praise for Nuts About Southwest. I have been a part of our Blog Team from the beginning, and it’s good to know that we have “hit the mark.”

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