Custom Fruit Roll Ups – Stodgy Starburst

Custom Fruit Roll Ups – Stodgy Starburst

Fruit Roll Ups

How is it that I can order custom imprinted Fruit Roll Ups, but I can’t get a pound of pink only Starbursts? I can get any color of M&M (same parent company) separated out and their colors don’t even taste different!

Mars, if you are out there, please hear my plea and end the forced variety of lemon, cherry and orange Startbursts with your pristine strawberry concoction. I suppose you are trying to encourage me to be friends with people who can tolerate these other flavors so we can split a pack, but that’s an awful lot to ask for a candy fix. I am ready to customize you and order you in bulk if only you’ll provide and outlet.

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  1. Yes! Thank you fellow pink Starburst lover for pointing this out. I LOVE pink Starburst, but rarely buy a pack or a bag because then you’re stuck with all those leftover flavors. If they made a bag/pack of pink, I would definitely change my buying habits.

  2. You can now but an “all reds” pack of starbursts, not quite just strawberry but no lemons!!! It contains cherry, watermelon, fruit punch and strawberry. I’ve been able to find them at Walgreens!

  3. I LOVE the Pina Colada flavor that is in the Tropical Pack and am in the same boat. I would even go as far as ordering the Mango Melon and Pina Colada together but I do not enjoy the other two, so I rarely buy them. If they were offered where I could purchase these flavors in bulk I would order all the time. You would think that these kinds of questions have been asked hundreds of times and a proper solution would have been presented by now.

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