Catching up on “In the MotherHood”

Catching up on “In the MotherHood”

In the MotherHoodMaybe it’s because I work. Maybe it’s because I am new to the Mom game. Maybe it’s because I don’t DVR Ellen. Whatever the reason, I missed “In the MotherHood” when it debuted last Mother’s Day. MotherHood is a series of 5 webisodes. The situations are submitted by and voted on by real life moms responding to assignments such as sharing their child’s most public meltdown or most embarrassing potty training story. Professional screen writers turn the winning plots into truly funny scripts that are then acted by Leah Remini and Chelsea Handler and directed by Peter Lauer (who automatically has my respect because he has 3 director turns on Arrested Development on his long resume).

The site is “co-conceived” by Suave & Sprint and hosted by Microsoft. I’m not sure what those 3 brands have to do with each other, but the numbers, submissions, and end creative product seem to indicate success in creating a hub for mothers to share stories. The series was promoted and aired on the “Ellen” show which drove online viewership. On a quick peruse of the forums, I saw that many of the threads are still active months after the voting and content closed. I look forward to checking back to see what choices the brands will make to continue the engagement now that they have assembled such a large audience. Maybe the goal is just to host the conversation, advertise on the margin, and benefit from the brand glow.

By the way, the reason I found out about this expos facto was on an “encore” presentation of Leah Remini’s guest appearance on Chelsea Lately. Now that, I DVR.

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