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Harry & David Gets It

Harry & David Gets It

…recession retail marketing that is.  On Friday, I was lucky enough to come home to this:

It also came with a beautiful matching Valentine card.  Totally totally unnecessary, but lovely – like all of Harry & David’s gourmet gifts.  I haven’t actually sent a gift from H&D since before I was married and changed my name, so I am sure I popped up in their database as a new name.

Whether its because of this or the beating they have been taking due to the economy, they also included a truly compelling offer:

This is an offer so good that it has already driven me to their website to peruse options for my $10 off $20 savings card.  Do they make any money off of this?  I have no idea, but this is certainly an offer worth talking about and something that will drive trial.

I’m off to devour fabulously delicious pear.