Resolution Loophole

Resolution Loophole

In my energetic attack of my super sporty New Year’s resolutions, I broke one of the bones my left foot.  I am 31 and this is my first broken bone ever.  Nothing like a stylish walking cast to accompany me on the first day of my new job in DC next week, eh?

Look for a thoughtful post pile on to Ben’s marketing clutter post tomorrow.  For today, I’m going to kick back with some pain meds and Tivo.

5 Replies to “Resolution Loophole”

  1. Take it easy there, skippy. Ah, you’re a fast healer, right?

    I fully expect you to beat Guitar Hero III on hard by the time your foot heals, okay?

  2. Oh no! First day of work impressions. I have you beat.
    On my first day of work at Harte-Hanks, I arrived with over 25 stitches in my face! I went to the salon for a “make-over” to get ready for my first big day of work and tripped into a glass window. (And like you I had just moved my family and was coming off maternity leave.) You/Me… are both tough- fast healing gals though!

  3. ugh – what a bummer! hope you’re on the mend to recovery. and yes, nothing is better than catching up with your good friend tivo.

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