Chalkbot Closes the Loop

Chalkbot Closes the Loop

On July 2, I tweeted about a very cool real life application for Twittter during the Tour De France – Nike’s @chalkbot.  You could send a 40 character tweet to the @chalkbot handle and the message would actually be chalked onto the road during the race.

Given that the race is now over and our attentions focused on the upcoming LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Summit in Ireland, I had kind of forgotten about this.  Last night, however, I got a Direct Message from the Chalkbot with a link to this:


This is a photo of my tweet from 6 weeks ago in “real life” on the TdF raceway.  If you could read the fine print on the bottom, it actually gives the GPS coordinates of where it was chalked and the date and time it appeared.

This is a great example of creating another opportunity of Nike + LIVESTRONG providing additional conversational capital and opportunities for engagement.  The way that this principle sometimes plays into our lives at Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence is that we will create assets from events with influencers – interview videos, photos, etc.  They become an additional way to provide value and a great opportunity to keep the conversation going.

And on the LIVESTRONG front, the Tour is over, but the fight goes on.  Follow the road to the Global Cancer Summit in Dublin and beyond at

(Disclosure: LIVESTRONG is a client, but the Chalkbot project is not in our purvue)

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