Presidential “Word Cloud” in Print WashPo

Presidential “Word Cloud” in Print WashPo

Today’s Sunday Washington Post features a comparison of the “word clouds” created by John McCain and Barack Obama’s respective blogs. The immediate point is that Obama is the biggest topic for both blogs, but that’s not why I care. Tag CloudWe know that reporters use blogs for story ideas and leads on quotes, but seeing something as run of the mill in Web 2.0 as a tag cloud appearing in the Sunday print edition is a very visible example of convergence. Now if only I could somehow use the print terms to sort reading the rest of the zillion pages in the Sunday edition, we’d really be in e-business.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that these lovely clouds are the creation of Wordle.

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  1. Thanks for picking this up Virginia! I have to admit that I referred back to the Washington Post article to confirm which was which.

    By the way, what are you doing on 08-08-08? If you can make it to Kauai to celebrate this auspicious date, we’re having a party. The invite is on my blog.

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