Motivated Mii

Motivated Mii

I never thought that a brand relationship BENEFIT from telling a customer in graphic detail that he/she is a fattie patattie.

My MiiOn Friday, however, that very scenario took place when our hotly anticipated pre-ordered Wii Fit arrived. The first activity for all users of the Wii Fit is a “body test” that uses your ability to steady your center of balance and weight to calculate your BMI and Wii Fit age. My Mii was created by my husband and has been with me through months of golf, bowling, and tennis (I play Guitar Hero 3 as Slash, naturally).

When I stepped on the Wii Fit balance board and it measured my weight, however, my Mii expanded. Turns out my previous, un-weighed, Mii’s body type was a bit wishful and my fiends at Nintendo have rectified the situation. The only way to shrink my Mii? TO ACTUALLY LOSE REAL WEIGHT.

The surprise? I feel shockingly motivated by playing with my overweight Mii. Perhaps this is the brand equivalent of Mystery’s “Neg” technique where men use a subtle insult to make women want them more. Because Nintendo has unceremoniously judged me, I want to prove that they’re wrong about me. I am a Cindy Crawford Mii trapped inside the “VeeDub” Mii and I am going to show Nintendo. My motivation is certainly encouraged by the fact that the WiiFit’s activities are addictive fun.

When I began my own blog, I originally thought I would join in the Jason Calacanis’ “Fatblogging” meme. Now I think it makes more sense to Wii Fitblog. I am going to try to post every two weeks about my Mii’s progress and hope that anyone else who is motivated by shrinking their Mii’s virtual behind will do the same and tag as “wiifitblogging”.

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  1. I’m totally with you–my Mii’s ass naturally got fatter after the test, but she still has skinny little legs that I aspire to. I also recommend doing the test once before you start and once after you’ve sweat for 15 minutes, because your BMI will go down by like .03 and you’re all “that’s what I’m talking about, Nintendo!”

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  3. VeeDub, referencing Mystery’s “Neg” technique … The marketing pick-up artist known as Skyon would be proud. Correct that, Skyon is proud.

  4. I can’t wait for your avatar’s Wii Fit testimonial (like the NutriSystem commercials): “I lost 28 pixels with the Wii Fit system…” : )

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