Virgle: Branson and Page Invite you to Mars

Virgle: Branson and Page Invite you to Mars

Virgin founder Richard Branson and Google founder Larry Page have decided that, having conquered the whole of the planet we call Earth, they need to identify more territory to conquer. What’s next for 2 such big thinkers? Why, Mars of course. Thus, they bring you “Virgle“: the open source planet that claims to be the adventure of many lifetimes.

virgle The best part is that you can test your fitness to apply to be one of the first colonists on Mars as part of the Virgle project. Why wouldn’t you you want to go? As they say on the site “Earth has issues“.

(Larry & Richard – thank you for fooling my husband into think this was real for about 30 seconds this morning. It made by day. Happy April 1!)

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  1. Even my hip hop blog Highbrid Nation had to report on project Virgle. If it is indeed real, then it is huge and is major in the area of space exploration. However I fear that it is indeed and elaborate April Fool’s Day hoax. I guess we’ll know for sure if announcements continue after today. Personally I’d love to see the two companies team up considering what they already have done with the Lunar X Prize and Virgin Galactic.

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