A Valentine From Your Biggest Fan

A Valentine From Your Biggest Fan

It is February 14 and time again to honor those that make life sweeter all 365 days of the year.  There is one brand in whom I have always been a fan, but that evangelism has greatly amplified since the last time cupid came to Hallmark


Nau fan Chris said “every great brand has a double or triple bottom line”.  While my previous fandom was simply for brand Husband, this year, Husband took on new roles and new meaning in my life.  Instead of only being my best friend and leading man, this year Husband also became full-fledged CPA (WOOHOO!), Co-child-creator (someone once said “it takes a village” and it at least takes 120% of both of us), and in a moment of loss that still creeps in my throat when I least expect it, Eulogist.  In the midst of all of these major changes, Husband chose to push himself even further – pick up the hats of Counselor and Cheerleader as I explored changing jobs and we seriously discussed moving the family.


If I have realized one thing in all the weeks of long distance commuting, it is that brand Husband is my secret weapon. He is the special sauce in my Big Mac, the Santana knit blend in my St. John clothes, the Lucite in my Alexis Bittar jewelry and the cinnamon in my Red Hots. 


I already loved you 6 Valentine’s Days ago, but I did not appreciate how much I would grow to respect and honor you.  Our partnership is a diamond whose value and brilliance increases over time as life cuts new facets.  I am so blessed to be in your corner and have you in mine.  Happy Valentine’s Day. 

And yes, you can buy the big screen TV.

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  1. That almost made me cry. Almost.
    And yes, I’m going to buy a new TV.
    Happy Valentine’s Day.

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