Costco Cont. – Why I’m a Fan

Costco Cont. – Why I’m a Fan

Why am I a Costco fan? 1 word: Churro. Just kidding, although I do look forward to a Costco churro as a reward for pulling myself away from their deal sprinkled aisles with anything less than a $300 bill.

The truth is that I love Costco’s mixture of constancy and variety.

Constant features: accepting returns for things like unwanted wedding presents we received from other states, Costco’s giant & delicious premade spinach salads, cheap wine/diapers/gas, and money back with their higher end memberships. The constancy of their great deals on large TVs encourages me that we will be able to afford a sweet LCD in our next house.

Variety: The Greenville Costco launched with piles of deeply discounted Chip & Pepper and True Religion jeans. 2 weeks later? Totally gone, but Coach watches took their place. Every Costco I have visited has succeeded in their treasure hunt merchandising mission and kept me wanting to come back in a few weeks.

And so, dear Costco, should you deem it desirable to bring together the faithful to seek feedback on Costco’s future and what your core constituents want, I am ready for my invitation.

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  1. I, too, am a lover of CostCo and learned a lot from watcing an episode of Rachael Ray. They had an expert on who talked about what to look for at certain times of the year, when certain products are at their lowest price, etc… It was very informative and being that I have been a member for two years, it gave me more insight into the company itself. I just wish that people got a little somethin’-somethin’ for signing up their friends – heck, I’d be set then!

  2. I ‘m a Costco addict! Agree with Steph…it would be nice to get a little something for signing up friends because I made everyone I know sign up when it came to Greenville. But for now I will just be grateful for wonderful price on contacts, the great deal on boursin cheese (3 pack for $8), and the incredible Waterford flutes I got for my sister’s wedding gift…I love that place!!! The other thing I love is the helpful staff. They are great about giving you the information you ask for and if they can’t they get someone who can right away…so refreshing in a world of big box retailers.

  3. Hi, I work for Costco in Canada, and I don’t know about the states, but for the past few years here if you sign up a friend you each get a $10 cash card. Simple as that, no catches. They just have to be a new member. Sometimes you can even get more if there is a promotion on….Something you should look into at your local Costco b/c as far as I know we just follow the trends of the US Costco’s – it is an American company after all.

    Hope that helps!

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