Bite Sized Resolutions

Bite Sized Resolutions

Like the rest of us, I am thinking about resolutions today. 2008 is going to hold a lot of change for my family – a move, new jobs, and a new city among them. Because of the impending changes and my past resolution success record, I am going to start off making resolutions for what I am going to tackle for the next 13 days until I begin my new gig and my weekly commute to Washington, D.C. Every day for the next 13 days, I commit to:

a) Spend 30 quality minutes interacting with the baby with no distractions

b) Blog (this one does not count – a little too meta)

c) Work out

d) Take a family walk – fresh air is good for everyone

Frye) NOT eat French Fries or any other member of the tasty friend potato class – including tots, browns, and the wedge. If my life was a cartoon, my arch nemesis would be a perfectly crisped golden brown french fry wearing a black hat and cape who lurks around every corner, waiting to tempt me to the dark side.

f) Not feel guilty about everything else I am not working on while I’m trying to be diligent about the above.

Happy New Year everyone! I wish you luck thinking about your own resolutions – be they new year or new fortnight.

5 Replies to “Bite Sized Resolutions”

  1. John – I’m not sure that a substitute could satisfy the savage beast on this one, but I will give it a shot after my 13 day resolution has expired.

    Jake – Great post. I hope we all have a Kick Ass year!

  2. No guilt, ever.
    You and Fletch can work out together, “mom multi-task”. (seriouusly though, you can do all kinds of exercies on the floor together.)

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