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Target’s Newsweek Innovation

Target’s Newsweek Innovation

Whilst perusing Inc. Magazine‘s nest of blogs, I came across a great example of innovative marketing environmentalism. Tom Szaky, CEO of Terra Cycle and author of the Eco-Capitalist blog, sold Newsweek magazine and Target on a unique promotion for their April Earth Day cover. The idea is something he calls “upcycling” – using waste materials to provide useful products. Target ran a fold out inside cover ad:Fold out cover

The ad invited you to fold the cover inside out, tape it into an envelope and fill it with your used Target plastic bags. Per the creative above, the used bags were then upcycled into reusable shopping bags. You are probably thinking what I am: who would go to this much trouble?


Evidently, the answer is “the Newsweek Earth Day issue reader” because 35,000 people sent in their bags to Target.

While I understand the hard core environmentalist concerns about Target and their offerings so affordable as to almost be disposable, this is undeniably a great example of marketing environmentalism. They invited an audience who wanted to be engaged to co-create a useful product at a time (earth day) when they would have such things top of mind. Beats a shotgun FSI any day of the week.

p.s. If you haven’t picked up Inc. Magazine’s June print version focuses on Innovation, do. In addition to a great cover story on Threadless, there are lots of great tips on making creativity and innovation part of the fabric of your workplace.