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Small Business + Blogger Experiences = Gold

Small Business + Blogger Experiences = Gold

This is cross posted from Ogilvy’s 360 Digital Influence Blog.

Check out some wonderful examples of small businesses getting a boost from the blogosphere in today’s WSJ. Bean Bag chair maker Sumo Lounge International was able to work with technology uber-blog Engadget to achieve a chain reaction of business success that that $60k in trade show exhibitions hadn’t produced – getting exposure for his product with the audience that would most appreciate it. 2 years after the initial deal with Engadget, Sumo Lounge has been reviewed by 250 bloggers and has tripled profits.

The article maps tightly to our evolving Blogger Code of Ethics, but also illustrates the golden rule for blogger outreach efficacy – inviting a blogger to participate in an experience is infinitely more powerful than sending a press release. Inviting a blogger to review your product, attend a demonstration, live chat with your engineers, enter your contest, tour your headquarters, etc, is a better course for blogger outreach for 3 major reasons:

  1. An experience is something that the blogger/social media creator can capture and interpret in their own style, chosen medium, and on their own time.
  2. Experiences provide bloggers with conversational capital that they can in turn share with readers.
  3. The final benefit of inviting bloggers to participate in an experience is that, because it is more involved than sending a press release, it will force you to tightly focus on building relationships with the bloggers most relevant to your offering.

What type of remarkable experience can you offer your key constituents?