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Neither Harvey Dent Nor Eliot Spitzer

Neither Harvey Dent Nor Eliot Spitzer

Yesterday, brand Husband (also my blog stringer) called in a tip from our Georgetown neighborhood that a van with Aaron Eckhart’s photo on it, and campaign signs reading “I Believe in Harvey Dent”. He suggested I check out the faux campaign website.

Harvey Dent

I then mentioned this to the Catch Up Lady who clued me in to the elaborate online program surrounding Harvey Dent’s campaign that has been tiding over moviegoers for months. I am not conversant enough with Dark Knight mythology to recognize that Harvey Dent is Gotham’s crusader DA, but Husband knew immediately that this van was all about Batman. So like, the commercials for Oceanic Air that led to a website priming the enthusiast audience for the return of Lost, Harvey Dent street teams are popping up in neighborhoods in big cities all over the country, building buzz among insiders on the grassroots level – and confusing the heck out of a lot of other people in the meantime as I Watch Stuff amusingly chronicled in NY.  This will be clutter to many, but powerful for the core few.

TwofaceMaybe the Batman movie will get a boost out of this week’s news of Client 9. After becoming the supervillain Two Face, Harvey Dent, the former crusader against police corruption flips a coin to decide whether to do evil or fight it. Maybe that’s how the former Governor of New York was setting his daily agenda too. To quote Harvey’s campaign platform “Too many cops have become criminals themselves.”