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BWOW: Beija-Flor Jeans

BWOW: Beija-Flor Jeans

Search is over Beija FlorI’m excited to share a relatively new brand in the Brands Worthy of a Weekend series. Beija-Flor Jeans is a transcontinental brand born of necessity and unique knowledge. Emilie Whitaker became aware of an opportunity in the women’s designer jeans market when she spent a frustrating day going store to store with a friend looking for the perfect pair of jeans. The friend was willing to spend whatever she needed to get cute jeans – she just didn’t find anything she liked. Emilie’s co-founder (and mother) Kathy had 20 years of retail fashion experience and an intimate knowledge of Brazilian denim – beautiful quality and merciful with a slight stretch.

Emilie and Kathy put their heads together and realized they had a golden opportunity. They formed Beija-Flor (portugues for hummingbird) and began to design and import jeans made with Brazilian denim for the American woman. Beija-Flor started by selling primarily through home shows and direct through their website and word of mouth took off. It’s not everyday you notice a hummingbird logo on your friend’s great fitting jeans.

What makes Beija-Flor a Brand Worthy of a Weekend?

Founding Story – There is a great founding story for Beija-Flor and they tell it well through all of there materials. Even better is the fact that the faces of Beija-Flor are also the masterminds and founders.

Style Variety – While Beija Flor has extremely cute jeans for dressy/fashionable occasions, they also offer more dressy trouser styles, skirts, etc. They aren’t a one trick pony – you can purchase multiple items to weave into your wardrobe.

Size – Beija-Flor jeans are sold in actual true-to-size 0 – 16 (Dear Ralph Lauren Rugby store who only carries 0 – 12 – J’accuse). For anyone who has looked at a $200 pair of women’s jeans that are a size 29 and look like they are made for a malnourished 12 year old – this is for you.


Unique Features – When you fold their bestselling “Jennifer” jean sideways, you’ll notice that the back is higher than the front. This is to help the forgotten woman who is not just standing in a club, but who will sit down at some point and does not want to hang out the back. This jean is guaranteed to prevent you needing to ask for a booth in a restaurant to cover your exposed assets.

Check back tomorrow for What Beija Flor Fans want from a weekend with the brand.