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OpenSkies’ Collaborative Airline Design

OpenSkies’ Collaborative Airline Design

Open Skies

British Airways is taking a new, transparent, clutter free approach to launching their new subsidiary airline Open Skies. On the company website – consisting primarily of a blog and contact information – the request for collaborative product development seems quite sincere:

“We don’t want you to simply witness the creation of an airline, we want you to be part of it. That may sound like puffery, but it isn’t. We hope to prove that your contributions will help make OpenSkies a unique and, invariably, a better travelling experience.”

They are certainly off to a good start. Open Skies flights, starting this summer between New York London and Brussels will have only 82 passengers and feature seats that really recline. The 28 most expensive seats will recline completely flat into 6′ beds.

This type of collaborative product development is the type of thing Jackie Huba suggests in her amusing/disgusting “Meatball Sundae” video in her preventative measures of not having to market a “meatball” in the first place.

Open Skies is an exciting experiment. I hope that Open Skies will close the loop and let us know what elements of their customer experience are user designed. I wonder if they’ll filter input coming from real potential users of this limited service vs. suggestions coming from folks like me who are mainly curious about it as a case study. With only 6 months to go until their anticipated first flight, we won’t have to wait long to see.