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DM 2.0: Comment Spam

DM 2.0: Comment Spam

When I began this blog, I thought that Direct Mail was the height of marketing clutter. It was the tail end of the holiday season, and even though I did end up purchasing a few items from the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog, I felt deeply annoyed by the sheer volume, poundage, and paper waste in the barrage of glossies that clogged our mailbox.

Almost 6 months later, I have a better sense of just how many electronic forms marketing clutter can come. For whatever reason, the comment spam on this blog has taken off at a hyperbolic rate in the last few weeks and I’m going to need to go to a new verification method.

My real question is, does this actually WORK for anyone? Is this an effective method of generating inbound links to their Viag*ra, p*rn, mortgages, insurance sites, and even Vermont Teddy Bears? I have included some of the worst below for your enjoyment sorted by apparent strategy. Please leave a real comment if you have insight into any sort of effective use of this type of spam.


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The Confusion Offense

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The I’m-Not-Even-Going-To-Read-Your-Post

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