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Tools to Spread Compassion

Tools to Spread Compassion

This morning I was lucky enough to attend the unveiling of the words of the Charter for Compassion here in DC. The Charter for Compassion is the culmination of Karen Armstrong’s TED Prize 2008 wish, which I have discussed on the Ogilvy blog. We have been lucky enough to work with TED, Karen and the host of other players involved in putting this important document into the world in enough ways for it to reach around the world in a way that inspires action – not another Cumbaya moment.

Here are 3 of my favorite communications pieces:

1) The widget below allows you to read the charter in English, Arabic, Spanish, and Hebrew and affirm it directly in the widget.  If you are inspired by this project, please click “share” and consider embedding on your own site or blog.

2) The second is a video of people from all walks of life reading the words of the charter itself.  This was debuted at the event this morning and created some heartswell.

3) The final is a piece that our team in Australia (under the leadership of DC ex-pat Brian Giesen) put together with an amazing lineup of Australian bloggers and personalities.

Australians on Compassion from TED Prize on Vimeo.

Social media has been a hero in this project – called out by all the religious dignitaries involved as helping to facilitate collaboration on definitions of compassion and crafting the charter itself.  If this good news can then spread the word of this collaborative and inspirational document, it will truly be the first, instead of the last chapter of something special.