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WOMM Lessons from Adam Corolla?

WOMM Lessons from Adam Corolla?

I’m hesitant to admit that I have learned anything from Adam “the Aceman” Corolla of Man Show, Loveline, and radio infamy.  However, stats don’t lie.  2 weeks after kicking off his podcast, Corolla has broken the 1M download barrier, quickly smoking download rates of his peers – like my hero Bill “the Sports Guy” Simmons. (Click here for specific podcast lessons from Ryan Spoon).

How did he do it?  Awesome website?  Nope – looks like an intern programmed it in 1999.  Advertising and promotion?  None.  Here’s what he’s done:

1) Ask people to spread the word. At the beginning and end of every one of the free podcasts, Adam mentions that he is doing this “gratis” and all he asks is for you the fan to spread it around.  This may sound simple, but many people are afraid to ask for help and this is a compelling reason to get over it and just ask.

2) No sponsors = no censors. Adam was fired from CBS’s Free FM format in late January, but will be paid through the end of the year as long as he doesn’t accept other “jobs”.  Thus he has no sponsors, which means he answers to no one and he can use the language and cover topics that his fans want and expect from him.

3) Ridiculously awesome content.  In his first three weeks he’s had Aisha Tyler, Larry Miller, Bill Simmons, Jimmy Kimmel, David Alan Grier are the list goes on.  These are people willing to stop by Adam’s house to promote a project and be able to be themselves without the concerns I mentioned on #2.

So, can we learn something about WOMM from Adam Corolla?  Hey, if Dr. Drew could live with him for so many years, he must have some redeeming qualities.